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Dear Black Girl: I See You Donations

To support the launch of Dear Black Girl: I See You, we are running a fundraising campaign and asking for donations in support of the book launch. There are various donation levels in support of this project. 

  • $25: Receive a signed copy of Dear Black Girl: I See You 

  • $50: Receive signed copies of both Dear Black Girl: I See You and Dear Black Boy: It's Ok to Cry

  • $75: Receive copies of both signed books and an exclusive poster.

  • $100: Receive the book package and attend exclusion 2024 launch party. 

  • $250: Sponsor a classroom with books and a workshop.

  • $500: Become a sponsor for the book tour, featuring an author reading and workshops for 2 schools. 

  • $1000: Become book sponsor and make a significant impact on this empowering initiative (Your name or business name/logo will be featured on the website and listed in the book acknowledgements). 


Your generous contribution will help make all of this possible and will also contribute to the necessary conversations around mental health/wellness, self-love, and advocacy for those who need it most. 


Thank you being a part of this transformative journey. Together, we can empower and uplift the lives of black girls and women everywhere.

Please donate below! 

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